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C.S.Ling is a Professional Pets Photographer in Singapore. Capture the most beautiful moments of joy with your beloved pets & family forever.
C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Aug 2014 16

“My family has always wanted to have a family portrait taken but due to the fact that we have pets, it was only meaningful to us if the pets were included in them. The opportunity finally arise when I happen to find C.S.Ling Photography’s website and FB page and saw all her works. I knew when I saw her works that she was the right person to take the photos that we require! Even though it was an early morning photo session, she still manage to work her magic in capturing the best moments of my pets and the family. Her patience is her key of success and it works on both humans and pets.
The whole process was in fact very smooth from the first time we met till the viewing of the photos. She was very accommodating and pays close attention to small details of all the family members, for example, the characteristics of the pets and the health of my parents which I would tend to overlook. It was a fun experience visiting her studio to select the photos. She did us a great favor by pre-selecting the best photos out of the whole session as well. Her studio was indeed a very amazing place where she D-I-Yed everything from ground up!
I would very much recommend her to my friends and anyone whom is looking for a special gift for their pets and loved ones. And look forward to having another photo session when the opportunity arises!
Thank you Ling for capturing the best moments of my family members!”
– Mr. Lin

Jul 2014 27

“I have long wanted to capture the joys of my family on photo and searched the internet for quite a while for a suitable photographer. One who does not do the typical family photos, decked in same colour outfits or stiff studio shots. I have a pet dog too and wanted to have photos of special moments with my family and I (including Mocca, my dog) in a natural setting and being comfortable in the shoot. I chanced upon C.S.Ling Photography and was impressed with the quality of photos that she has managed to capture of people, including dogs in a unique way. There were combinations of indoor and outdoor shoot and her clients appeared very at ease and happy. I posted a query and received very prompt response from Ling. After a few exchange of email, we met for a pre-shoot briefing. I must say I was very impressed with the level of pre-shoot consultation and the attitude shown in this experience.

The day of the actual shoot was blessed with clear skies and though it was a tad too hot for all of us, Ling showed a lot of patience in dealing with my 2 young nephews as well as my dog, Mocca. The 2 hour+ shoot ended with a nice sunset and my family and I were very pleased with the effort and planning that made the shoot possible. Ling followed up after the shoot with a preview of the photos taken and took time to explain the various options available for us to showcase our precious moments in print forms.

Overall, I am very pleased with her services and I will not hesitate to recommend Ling to my friends who are keen to keep photographic memories of their loved ones. Her dedication and professionalism deserves commendation.
Thank you Ling, from all of us.”

Tina & her extended family

Jul 2014 17

“Here I am, writing a second testimonial for Ling. As mentioned in my earlier testimonial, I did not hesitate in engaging her service when I decided to have a professional photographer to take photos of Pinkie’s 1st Barkday Party with her pawsome friends. Afterall, who knows Pinkie better than she does!

Days leading up to the event, Ling took time to come to my house to see how she could decorate the place up for Pinkie’s party and even gave me plenty of suggestions on the clothing for Pinkie and where to set up the play area for the dogs, the table and also the cake and pupcakes.

The party was chaotic but yet fun; there were around 20 guests along with 5 of Pinkie’s pawsome dog friends. Ling and her assistance came to my house an hour before the party with the props (she bought and did everything herself) to decorated the place. Though I was busy entertaining the guests, she and her assistance were very patient to know every dog and took plenty of photos of each of them and also in group photos.

I was amazed by the quality and the photos she presented to me after the party. She has once again exceeded my expectations with her service. Words can’t express my gratitude; without her the party would not go as smoothly as I imagined it to be.

For those who are considering in engaging her service, please do not hesitate in contacting her. I assure that you will very be pleased with her photography skills, experience with animals, helpfulness, attention to details and service (before, on and even after the photoshoot).

Thank you, Ling. ”

Lots of love from Tingwei & Pinkie

Jul 2014 10

“This is the first pet photographer I have engaged to have pictures of my Westie (Instagram: piinkie_the_westie) taken at an iconic landmark in Singapore (The Marina Barrage).

Before this, I was researching online and have read testimonials of her previous customers before making a decision. I was glad I made a right choice

During the day of the photo shoot, Ling with her assistance met me at Marina Barrage itself at 7AM as requested by me. Despite my Westie being really uncooperative, Ling was still very patient throughout the whole photo shoot session. The props which she brought matched my Westie really well.

The photo shoot went really well; there were no hiccups at all during the shooting process. My Westie was really comfortable around her and she really knows how to handle animals well. Her professionalism and photography skills were way past my expectations and I, without doubt, would engage her again for future events and would also recommend her to anyone looking for a professional pet photographer.

Thank you very much!”
Lots of love from Tingwei & Pinkie

Apr 2014 20

“Ling was our first experience with a professional photographer and we think she will set the benchmark for others that we might have in future. From the first point of contact, where she suggested our wardrobe for the shoot, to giving us tips on how to prep Kane for the actual shoot showed her wealth of experience in this area. During the shoot, she was also highly professional and creative in suggesting various poses / places for the shoot itself. We were made to feel relaxed and natural as we posed for the shots. The final photos certainly exceeded our expectations as we had a hard time trying to pick and choose which ones we wanted in high res vs normal res. All of them were taken beautifully and the post processing was also very well done and not “over the top”.

If you have a pet I would suggest that you engage her services while s/he is still healthy to capture memories that will last a lifetime!”
Steve & Jess

Mar 2014 12

“We loved all of the photos! No regrets for this, creating a special memoir for my family of 7. I am impressed by the pre-photo brief and colour coordination brief that was sent to me. And also I appreciate the reminders of the photo shoots and map to the location. I must say you have a special way with animals, otherwise it is impossible to shoot 4 dogs and 1 toddler together. Ling is professional and experienced with animals. Props were sufficient too. If opportunity arise, I will use C.S.Ling’s service again and have already recommended her service to my other friend who had a son and 4 dogs too! Thank you!”
Ashley T.

Dec 2013 4

“We wanted to have a photoshoot session with Donut and when we approached Ling with the idea of maternity concept shoot, she was thrilled. She had several email correspondences with us to understand how we want the photoshoot to be and presented us with a clear concept of the proposed outcome.

During the session itself, we had a tiring but fun 2 hrs. It wasn’t easy to capture images of Donut as he was not able to sit still on command. Ling had to try various positions and angles in order to get a proper shot and we appreciate her professionalism.

The photos we received at the end were priceless as they reflected us as a family prior to the new addition who we are expecting to welcome very soon. I would certainly recommend Ling to all pet lovers!”
Lynette and Andrew

Nov 2013 9

Testimonial from Cherimoya (hamster)’s owner, Iris

Excerpt from her blog post :
… And once again, Mom wanna thank C.S. Ling Photography for these awesome peektures. Cherimoya is a very special hammie to Mom and she has brought out Cherimoya’s beauty so nicely and perfectly (despite Cherimoya’s lightning escapism speed) that it exceeded Mom’s expectation of the entire shoot. Mom can’t even bear to display the photocrylic tile in case it gets dusty or if the cat knocks it off and breaks it lol!

Testimonial from Marten & Choco (guinea pig)’s owner, Adeline

I’m glad that C.S Ling has found me. It is by chance we met. Both luck and Ling’s faith in Marten & Choco gave us the chance to win ourselves a photoshoot and got to experience the excellent services with C.S Ling Photography.

Despite an Artist, Ling has no airs! She asked about Marten & Choco’s head size so she could prepare X’Mas hats for them! Personalised Props for Marten & Choco made them feel like Stars! The studio was cosy. Helper was friendly. Ling was professional and careful with little Marten & Choco while working with them on elevated grounds. Although initially Marten was a little frightened and was hiding from the camera while Choco was busy playing hide and seek with the props, Ling was patient with them through the session.

After the shoot, I was anxiously waiting to receive a call to view the works! I was blown over by how Ling managed to make Marten & Choco look so irresistibly cute. It is never easy to capture lovely moments of these bubbly boys who were always on the move. The backdrop and props were natural and made it fun to go through the photoshoot. It is the first time my boys and myself went for a studio shoot and I must say it was really engaging, fun and happy to work with Ling and her helper! I would certainly recommend my friends to C.S Ling Photography if they are searching for someone to take photos in a studio environment.

I am already thinking of who else out of my Gforce family to bring for a next shoot! Ling’s effort in sharing her opinions, past experience and the quality she searches for in her works makes me feel valued and I know that Marten & Choco are in good hands.

So what more can I share about C.S Ling Photography? Look no further as you can see, I am still captivated and thinking of what additional products to get! The studio had samples of Photocylic and Canvas of different sizes. The products created images of the animals that were far too vivid and the effect was really natural… I’m just too spoilt for choices! Perhaps I need to have Ling customise a package for me so I can obtain more High Res photos and the various products. :p

Once again, thank you for having Marten, Choco & myself in your studio! Look forward to see more productions of your’s!

Nov 2013 7

“It is our wedding anniversary and we want to do something different with our fur-kids, our three dogs. The idea of “captures the special bond between you and your pets” goes well with us, and the journey begin …

Prior to the actual photo session, Ling took time to walk us through the concept, expectation and colour matching. She also took time to survey the dog-run park, and access the dogs. We appreciate her effort to ensure everything goes according to our agreed plan, and it did. Some other photographers we evaluated did not go to such extend.

On the actual day of shooting, Ling has everything well managed, the props, activities, angle, and everything to ensure we are relax and natural in our interaction with each other and with our fur-kids. The results are positive, the pictures, colour, vibrancy, energy, we love it all. That’s not all, Ling also has a series of products to ensure the lovely pictures will be displayed beautifully on frames, web-sites, office desk, albums, etc. She also has a flare for beautiful design and home decor. This is important because your digital photos will be stored away in some electronic media after the hype. Ling will ensure that the beautiful emotions captured will continue to cheer you in your home.

Concluding the whole experience, we felt that it is money well spent, and we highly recommend Ling. She’ll be our preferred photography service partner should another occasion arise.”
Bee Hong and Frasir with Shine & Rain (Jack Russell Terrier) and Sky ( Cairn Terrier )

Nov 2013 7

“The photo shoot was fun. Ling was engaging and when my dog didn’t want to pose for the camera, she didn’t push for it and simply tried another method or moved to another angle to take the photos. She was patient, took her time and never rush us throughout the 2-hour process. The whole experience was stress-free and Freo was relaxed and comfortable throughout the photo shoot.

The photos came out great. Ling was able to capture the essence of Freo’s personality. The viewing & ordering session was well-presented and Ling was able to recommend cropping and adjusting the colour tone of a few photos so that they can be printed on the canvas size that I wanted.

Overall, I am happy with Ling’s photography services. I think she has a kind heart towards animals and this shows in her approach towards my dog in the photography session. I would definitely recommend my relatives and friends to use C.S.Ling Photography. Keep up the good work, Ling!”
Tricia and Freo

Aug 2013 25

“This is the first photography session I took for my puppy – Yoby and knowing that C.S.Ling is a popular wildlife photographer has given me more confidence!
I must say we had a really fun session throughout the shoot as Ling had given a lot of guidance and ideas in capturing the best angle of Yoby! She is really patient and we find the entire session very enjoyable and relaxing! As a result, the turnout of Yoby’s photo was amazing which I’m really satisfied! The layout was so beautifully done and I’ve received a lot of compliments from my friends about Yoby’s great photos!
I really thank Ling for making such a memorable shoot and have done such a great job for my pet. I would definitely highly recommend her service to my friends and will engage her service again for Yoby’s shoot in near future! ”

Joanne and Yoby

Aug 2013 22

“The studio environment was good 🙂 It has a home feeling and the photo-shooting process was relaxing too! I love the photo of Coco and it has definitely created good memories for us.
Although CoCo did not behave well as she is hyper active but the whole process is fun and we felt a great sense of accomplishment when we finally completed the shoot. Together we’ve made it! I’m thinking of having a family photo but shall put it on hold till our new flat is here.
In the meantime, I have already recommended to my friend with 2 toy poodle and others have asked me too. I will definitely recommended your service to friends and colleague and shared with them my experience too, thank you!

Shereen and Coco

Aug 2013 21

“I love it the photos!! A simple local cat has become so glamorous overnight. Someone actually asked if it was really my cat! Not many photographers do animal photography and this is a niche service that C.S.Ling is providing. She is also nice. I’ve seen photographers who are very impatient and not very friendly. It a lot of work too trying to get Whitea’s attention to look into the camera or to stay still but overall it was a fun and wonderful experience! 🙂 “
Suraya and Whitea

Aug 2013 20

“It was my first time at a pet photography shoot and Ling has definitely made the experience a delightful, enjoyable and memorable one for me and my pets. The studio was charmingly adorned like a playground for them, added with touches of sophistication and a cosy homey feel to it, enabling the personalities of the pets to shine through. Endowed with essential virtues of kindness and patience, Ling made the whole shooting process stress-free and engaging, and inspiring. What i like and admire most from the photos delivered is the capturing of such vivid soulfulness of the pets.
Much thanks for this whole experience and opportunity!”

Faith, Hades and Hermes

Aug 2013 10

“What Schuyler & I both enjoyed at our first photo session with you, was your calmness. You were never flustered when Schuyler wanted to do his own thing or when he was tired and didn’t want to do any more shots. You were calm and patient with both of us during the shoot.
I like Schuyler’s photos taken naturally and not posed so it helped that you could work with him even though he has a mind of his own and would go about doing or not doing what you were trying to get him to do.
The beauty of pet photography is in capturing the pet in its naturalness and capturing those spontaneous moments which are price less.
I love the studio shots and I do look forward to our outdoor shoot with you towards later part of the year.
Keeping our fingers and paws crossed for our year end project!”

Mel & Schuyler

Aug 2013 4

“Very pleased with Ling’s amazing photography skills, and outstanding quality of the photo products – simply stunning! Pet photography is not easy at all, requires lots of patience and energy, Ling tirelessly went all her way out to get the best shots of Patches who wouldn’t sit still for a pose! She went to the extra mile to throw in her duvet just to get that ultimate royal bedroom look for Princess Patches… which of course her duvet was all covered by Patches’ fur at the end of the session! I doubt Patches feel any stress, cos she was pampered by Ling’s very warm and friendly assistants too 🙂 Needless to say, the photos are AMAZING, Ling captured the best essence.

Keep up the great work! Thumbs up from Patches and me, definitely recommendable!”
Dahlina and Patches

Aug 2013 1

“Overall, the photo session was interesting and I’m sure Kang Kang had fun too! 🙂 The photos turned out well and I would definitely consider doing another session when KK is older and hopefully when she manages to loss some weight! To be honest I do find your products a tad premium although your professional fees are reasonable considering the huge amount of work put in. Your sense of asethetics is fantastic!
Shereen and Coco

Apr 2013 30

The shoot came at a timely moment as one of our dog, Winnie (the Shih Tzu) was unexpectedly diagnosed with Leukemia. We decided to go to our fav haunt with the dogs, east coast park. This is where I spent a lot of memories with Winnie especially and Ling was totally cool with it. She made us feel at ease during the shoot and we had a lot of fun with the dogs. Although Winnie was not well, we could see that she was very happy and Ling captured every moment of that. To us, those moments was very precious as it was her last few weeks with us. We are very thankful to Ling as she captured not only the beautiful moments but also Winnie’s smile.

New Testimonial 2 years later, updated on 22 April 2015 :
There are some things in life you will not regret doing and this is one of it. Our beloved dog Winnie Goh was diagnosed with leukemia. During her last few weeks with us we took her and Sherwin Goh for a photo shoot by Ling. Although burdened with sickness Winnie was really happy that day. You can see her beaming in all the photos. These memories are made possible because Ling is an experienced wild life photographer. Her expertise and professionalism allow us to have this wonderful memorabilia of our dogs. I am Thankful for this opportunity because weeks after our little hero Winnie left us. If you’d like to have a piece of memorabilia of your wonderful companion, look for Ling!
Hazel & Wei Siong   |   view their photo session >

Apr 2013 12

Ling was really wonderful to work with. Her experience really shows as she has managed to capture really interesting shots of the dogs as they were just being themselves. Her attention to detail was also impeccable as the final product exceeded our expectations. Her knowledge in wildlife photography really lends itself to capturing vivid, candid pictures of our beloved pets and I won’t hesitate to engage her again.
The Chia Family   |   view their photo session >

Apr 2013 5

Photographing our two cats has always been a challenge, given their skittish and shy nature. As such it was a pleasure working with C.S.Ling Photography to bring out the best in Samantha and Bob’s personalities for a family photo session. Their patience and skill were excellent, which shows in the photos from the session – we’re really pleased at how the finished prints brought out the personalities of both cats.
Germaine & James   |   view their photo session >