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C.S.Ling is a Professional Pets Photographer in Singapore. Capture the most beautiful moments of joy with your beloved pets & family forever.
C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Sep 2015 30

“When I saw the photos that Ling took when my friends engaged her, I was very interested to engage her for a studio session as my boys, Stitch & Kei barkday was near. Ling replied to my email promptly and answered to all my questions. On the actual day, Ling was patient and had lots of ideas on what to do with her huge stash of props. My boys and I had fun in the studio. The boys are really distracted during the session but Ling managed to grab their attention. Stitch was having his usual stern look and Ling really did her best to make him smile by running around the studio and playing with him. Ling has brought out Kei’s puppy look which I love it! The 2 hours session was really tiring but also fun! I’m happy with all the photos.
I will strongly recommend Ling to my friends who have pets & also I hope to engaged Ling again soon in the future for my parrots.
Thank you Ling!”

Sep 2015 11

“We are very impressed with Ling’s work. It was early morning on the day of the shoot. Our three darlings were all excited at the park, busy with their own sniffing around. They were easily distracted and could not sit still for very long. Ling was very patient the whole time. Despite the challenging task of getting the three to pose together, Ling captured many awesome shots. The photos say it all. They are so alive and beautiful. Even the photos of the studio shoot are so amazing, after a tiring outdoor shoot.

We must thank her for the wonderful work she has done for us. The photos we would cherish a lifetime.
Strongly recommend her to any pawrents who are looking for pet photography and we ourselves will engage Ling’s services again! ”
Ai Ling

Sep 2015 5

For the best viewing experience, please choose 1080p HD quality in the video setting.

“I first chanced upon works by Ling online when she did photo-shoots of lovely animals at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary. As an animal lover, I am instantly attracted to Ling’s works as she is brilliant in capturing moods of her subjects. These photographs seemed to have souls of their own!
Subsequently, I followed C.S. Ling Photography on Facebook closely. As days gone by, I am more assured that Ling is the right person to shoot Yumi, my adopted JRT. Yumi has gone through some hard-knocks in life, and has even survived a lumpectomy surgery at 11 years + of age (despite being anaemic then). Hence, this photo-shoot session is a celebration of her victory.
Like all photographers, Ling is patient and attentive to details. However, what sets Ling apart is her sensitivity to Yumi’s moods and is happy to work around it without compromising on high quality of her works. Yumi wasn’t stressed out before, during and after the session was over. Ling is also humble, approachable, highly creative, and prompt in delivery. To say that I am delighted about outputs of this photo-shoot session by Ling is really an under-statement. Needless to say, C.S. Ling Photography is THE place to go for photography, especially if it involves animal(s).”
Ai Khim

Jul 2015 15

For the best viewing experience, please choose 1080p HD quality in the video setting.

I first heard about Ling’s photoshoot services on social media (I think), and I was really impressed by the amazing photos that Ling took! As such, my sister and I decided to approach Ling for a photoshoot with our dog Boski before his first birthday! The entire process was really smooth as Ling responded to our queries promptly 🙂

On the day of the photoshoot, we travelled to Sentosa, and it was really enjoyable for both Boski and us! Even though Boski was quite overly-hyper and was easily distracted by the unfamiliar environment, Ling was very patient. Ling was also very creative, and brought super cute props, and also made use of a vacant boat at the seashore (which I found was very cool!) Around a week and a half later, we went to her lovely studio to view the photos. The photos that Ling took were really amazing, and my sister and I had such a hard time choosing the pictures that we decided to get all haha 🙂 I remember I was really amazed at the fact that Ling managed to capture pictures of Boski looking straight at the camera, as he loves to evade camera lens!

I will definitely recommend Ling to anyone who wants to capture great memories of their pets, as Ling is very friendly, approachable, patient and dedicated! I really love the photos of Boski, my sister and I, and I am really excited to receive them! This is the first photoshoot my sister and I have ever attended, and it was definitely a memorable one! Once again, thank you so much, and I’m sure Boski had as much fun running around as we had!

Jun 2015 7

“We chanced upon photos of furkids and their families taken by Ling and was captivated by the feel of warmth and happiness. Immediately, we knew that she’s the photographer whom can help us with our family photo to give us an everlasting memory.

We wanted an outdoor photoshoot to celebrate in advance for Miko’s barkday. Prior to the actual day, Ling helped us with the preparations. She gave us advice on our outfits, places to purchase pupcakes, arrangement of make-up artiste etc. Ling and her assistant even lugged big luggage bags containing props for the photoshoot. She was very professional and no matter how difficult a shot was, she was patient and gave her best to capture the right moment. It was indeed a happy and lovely day for all of us.

Photos turned out to be amazing and we had a hard time choosing them. Ling had pre-selected the best photos prior to photo viewing session. Had she not done that, we would have had a harder time. Photos were all so beautiful and it was what we wanted – a happy, loving family.

Despite us changing schedule for both photoshoot and photos viewing session, Ling accommodates to all of our requests. What left a deep impression on us was that Ling thanked Miko after the photoshoot and wished her a happy barkday. This simple gesture shows the genuine care and respect that Ling has for furkids.

With such a caring, talented, patient and detailed photographer, we will be back for more photoshoots.
Will definitely recommend C.S.Ling Photography to other pawrents who wish to experience the same joy and happiness that we had.

Thank You, Ling!”

Tommy, Evelyn and Miko

Jun 2015 7

“Ling reverted to my queries promptly. I felt very much at home and was sure that she will do a good job because she showed an interest in understanding the story of how I got both Pom Pom and Bing Bing, as well as their likes and dislikes – This was unlike the other photographers whom I asked for quotations from. I really would like to give her a big thumbs up for such personalized service!

Even on the day of the photo shoot, she remembered every detail about Pom Pom and Bing Bing (Like for example: The sounds that will make Pom Pom’s ear perk or the type of toy that will grab Bing Bing’s attention, etc). She is indeed remarkable! The studio environment was cozy and dog-friendly – That was another plus point because both my dogs felt at ease and we enjoyed ourselves.

Ling was also very efficient in getting the photos out for my viewing after the shoot. I was very impressed – The photos of Pom Pom and Bing Bing were taken in their most natural ways. She was also very patient and professional in giving her opinions on the selection of the photos.

All in all, I am a very satisfied paw-parent. A big thank you to Ling, from me, and both Pom Pom and Bing Bing!”


Jun 2015 4

“I first heard of C.S Ling before she went into pet photography. I had seen numerous of her works in wildlife photography and I was really impressed. When I saw Ling’s promo for Old is Gold mini studio session, I decided to grab the chance to create some beautiful memories of my two senior dogs.

Ling was very quick to reply my emails. I was quite worried that my 13 year old Schnauzer, who is deaf and partially blind, would not be able to do the shoot well but Ling assured me that with time and patience, it could be done. She even allowed me to bring my 2 dogs to her studio for a look, see, sniff sniff session to let them familiarise themselves to the place before the actual shoot.

Throughout the shoot, Ling was really patient with my 2 dogs. My Gerberian Shepsky was not a very willing model but Ling persevered on patiently. The end result was great and I love the wonderful memories she has created for me. Thank you!” – Winnie

May 2015 15

“Ling has done a superb job for Momo’s 10th birthday photoshoot. She promptly responded to all my questions prior to the photoshoot and she also sent the right amount of info to prepare us for the shoot.

Momo’s 10th birthday is an important moment for us and we wanted to capture his smile, his happiness and all that’s great and wonderful about him. Ling managed to do that exactly. Her speed in capturing the photos made it much easier for Momo! I can even tell Momo seems to like Ling too as he was smiling from the minute he met her 🙂

We also loved how Ling designed the different backdrop to capture the colours, the mood and of course, that broad smile of Momo!
Every scene gave a different flavor and we love them all.

We are grateful to have found Ling for this shoot and even more appreciative that it was made a fun session for Victor, me and Momo. Definitely recommend Ling services to our friend and will be back for more fun photography sessions soon!”


Apr 2015 23

I first met Ling in 2013 when she photographed my late syrian hamster, Cherimoya for a Christmas shoot. Ling captured Cherimoya so well on camera! This is the 4th studio shoot I have had for my dogs, Velvet and Cotton in the last decade with four different photographers. (1st for my cat, Chewy)

Ling has got to be the most patient and obliging of all. It is very important for Cotton to be able to like the photographer for the shoot to be a smooth one. Ling was very nice to have a meet-up session with us weeks before the shoot to get Cotton familiarized with both her and her assistant. Good thing that Cotton took to them immediately with them ”greeting” her according to my instructions and with tonnes of treats! Ling also has quite a variety of props for us to choose from to mix and match with our own.

Our photo session with 7 humans and 3 animals took around 5 hours! Despite being so tired, Ling still made sure I had all the different shots I wanted out of the shoot which was a first for me. With that day being Velvet’s actual Big 10th birthday and the shoot ending in the evening, Ling went the extra mile to edit a birthday shot of Velvet specially for me so I could post that pretty shot up before her Big Day ended!

With that, I have also booked a 2nd mini studio shoot with Ling for Velvet + her extremely special (and super late) birthday gift which will arrive in a few months time! I am so excited for the photo shoot already! Ling is definitely the best photographer so far for me and the animals!
Iris   |   view Cherimoya’s Christmas photo session >

Apr 2015 17

“Firstly we at Service Dogs Asia would like to thank Ling for undertaking this task for us. She has been an instrumental person in our launch. I loved how the session was very fluid, we had the luxury to craft the direction of the shoot. Ling allowed Kastle to determine the path for the shoot, which is fantastic as it essentially became a very stress free and fun shoot.
The shoot itself was an eye opener, Ling’s passion for photography is incredible. Her directions and inputs helped piece together what was a series of fun shoots. The kicker was the results. We were blown away by the detail of the pictures, the expressions and most of all the joy. Kastle has a long journey ahead to become Singapore’s first mental health service dog and Ling has captured Kastle better then we imagined. Ling’s studio is spotless and you’d never imagine that there were any pets there, which was a delight. This has been a fantastic experience and judging by the photos of Kastle, Ling’s works speaks for itself. Once again, we want to thank Ling for capturing memories better then our own minds could! :)”
– Service Dogs Asia

Jan 2015 14

“It is the little things that count. That is the level of detailed service that C.S.Ling Photography delivers to her clientele. Ms Ling demonstrates professionalism be it dealing with my 2 two-legged kids – one who thinks he is Spiderman running/climbing on horizontal ground and another whom I warned her that he was good at running, climbing and alas good at opening drawers (something I failed to mention). Add a geriatric pooch who at age fourteen, has a series of ailments including arthritis, having sight in only one eye and not able to stand for too long. This happening trio or the “Bear siblings” as the oldest two-legged calls themselves had the pleasure of visiting Ms Ling’s lovely studio in October 2014.

Ms Ling knows each portrait is unique, not necessarily picture perfect in the eyes of the photographer but her photos ‘speak’ to me and that is really what matters. Her intuitive sense is channeled by the suggestions she gives. Prior to the photo shoot, she texted me suggesting ice-cream and balloons. I was elated – the two-legged kids love ice-cream and balloons. What was intriguing was when she brought out the ice-cream during the photo shoot, it was the exact brand and flavor which we love. The kids had so much fun during the photo shoot that after the session, Spiderman retired to the sofa and the enthusiastic climber had pretty much passed out on my shoulders. That night as told to Ms Ling, pooch barked in her sleep and pretty much slept through the night.

We now have several beautiful portraits displayed at home which Ms Ling hand delivered. When I met Ms Ling during the delivery, I brought pooch down from the apartment with me. Pooch was in the stroller on the pavement very much a few metres away from which her taxi was parked, Ms Ling on hearing that pooch was there, handed me the portraits, strode over, stooped and petted pooch. That little act itself told me Ms Ling cares for animals as much as her passion in her work. Last but not least, I take great delight in recommending C.S.Ling Photography to all. Thank you! ”

– Phing Phing

Nov 2014 21

“POGS, the guinea pig Facebook group I am in, was abuzz with members sharing beautiful pictures of their guinea pigs, taken amidst captivating backdrop and with adorable props. That was where I first heard about C.S.Ling Photography and after viewing her wonderful work for others, I decided to engage her as the photographer for Coral!

And I was not disappointed! Ling was very accommodating and understanding from the start. She was friendly, approachable yet professional all at the same time!

Most importantly, I felt that she made an effort to get to know me and my pet before commencing with the photoshoot. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all of us as Ling took out the props to match the theme which she had in mind. During the photoshoot, she was very patient with Coral and gentle with her. Coral is a very timid pig but she was totally relaxed throughout the entire session!

The pictures taken are also of top-notch quality! I had so much fun viewing and choosing the pictures. Two of the pictures taken for Coral were also selected to be featured in the POGS 2015 calendar, which was sold to the public to raise awareness about cavy care. Ling has also come up with the great idea of collating all the pictures into a mobile app which comes in handy when I would like to show the pictures to my family and friends.

All in all, it has been an amazing experience and I will always treasure the beautiful pictures of Coral taken by Ling. I will definitely recommend C.S. Ling photography to all pet owners for a wonderful studio photoshoot experience!”

– Wendy & Coral

Oct 2014 27

“This is my 2nd Testimonial for C.S.Ling Photography! So what does it say? She is part of my evoked set and worth my return! Very supportive and empathetic photographer. Listens to my needs and catering to a Win-Win situation was what I LOVE about her! Being fast and responsive is something I appreciate as I feel important. 🙂

Photos captured vividly revealed the personality of every single member of Gforce. Ling could clearly identify their characters and made pictures come to live! The up to date style of photos delivered makes it more fun and interactive.

Remembering my piggies from the 1st shoot was an act of Ling’s devotion to her clients. It made me feel she is my friend who loves my pets like her own. She knows how important Gforce is to me and helped fulfil the “Live Life with NO Regrets” motto I have. “Family LOVE” Shot touched my heart. It is not easy to find sincerity when you purchase a service. With C.S.Ling Photography, it does not feel like a transaction. It was a bond building session.

Time and again, I love to share good services as I believe in Word of Mouth. A picture says a thousand words. Ling shows this in her works.

Yes, as this is my 2nd shoot, I am moved by Ling’s works thus my return. My friend who never did shoots could not understand the FUN I mentioned. After the positive word of mouth and live experience, she ended up telling me she wants to return annually! This is what MAGIC Ling does to each and every friend she makes. Yes, a Friend.
Yet another heart felt testimonial! Look forward to more of your works and hope it helps you achieve greater heights by motivating you!!”

– Adeline

Sep 2014 27

“Ling has been very professional in her delivery. I believe that a committed photographer who has a firm belief in her passion will be able to meet the demands of her clients.

She is very prompt in her communication and goes the extra mile to understand her clients’ needs. She is able to provide advice based on her professional judgement.

Her love for animals is clearly demonstrated during the photo shoot. I was awed by her patience, flexibility and spontaneity. The carefully handcrafted props added vibrance and variety to the photos. On that day, she took into consideration my furkid’s temperament and adjusted her plans accordingly.

I would recommend Ling to all those who want to keep precious memories of their pets. Thank you for capturing these special moments of my furkid!”

– Sirui

Sep 2014 2

“Ling is very prompt in replying all my emails. She and her assistant are both very friendly, making the photoshoot very enjoyable. Ling knows how to capture the attention of my dogs, not to mention that she also have an impressive collection of really cute props. She is very professional, and thus able to provide suggestions on what to do so that she can capture the best angle of the dogs.
Her assistance is also very helpful, so much so that my girl keeps following her around!
The photos were ready in a week’s time which was impressively fast. The photo-viewing session was awesome. Action shots were perfect and static shots were well focused. The action shot photos of my dogs were very cool as it perfectly portrays the active side of Shetland sheepdogs.
As for the photos of my family, the full family photo was very precious as it’s the first proper family photo we ever have. If I have an event, maybe a new puppy, I would have to opt for an outdoor shoot 🙂 Thank you!”

– Geraldine

Aug 2014 16

“My family has always wanted to have a family portrait taken but due to the fact that we have pets, it was only meaningful to us if the pets were included in them. The opportunity finally arise when I happen to find C.S.Ling Photography’s website and FB page and saw all her works. I knew when I saw her works that she was the right person to take the photos that we require! Even though it was an early morning photo session, she still manage to work her magic in capturing the best moments of my pets and the family. Her patience is her key of success and it works on both humans and pets.
The whole process was in fact very smooth from the first time we met till the viewing of the photos. She was very accommodating and pays close attention to small details of all the family members, for example, the characteristics of the pets and the health of my parents which I would tend to overlook. It was a fun experience visiting her studio to select the photos. She did us a great favor by pre-selecting the best photos out of the whole session as well. Her studio was indeed a very amazing place where she D-I-Yed everything from ground up!
I would very much recommend her to my friends and anyone whom is looking for a special gift for their pets and loved ones. And look forward to having another photo session when the opportunity arises!
Thank you Ling for capturing the best moments of my family members!”
– Mr. Lin

Jul 2014 27

“I have long wanted to capture the joys of my family on photo and searched the internet for quite a while for a suitable photographer. One who does not do the typical family photos, decked in same colour outfits or stiff studio shots. I have a pet dog too and wanted to have photos of special moments with my family and I (including Mocca, my dog) in a natural setting and being comfortable in the shoot. I chanced upon C.S.Ling Photography and was impressed with the quality of photos that she has managed to capture of people, including dogs in a unique way. There were combinations of indoor and outdoor shoot and her clients appeared very at ease and happy. I posted a query and received very prompt response from Ling. After a few exchange of email, we met for a pre-shoot briefing. I must say I was very impressed with the level of pre-shoot consultation and the attitude shown in this experience.

The day of the actual shoot was blessed with clear skies and though it was a tad too hot for all of us, Ling showed a lot of patience in dealing with my 2 young nephews as well as my dog, Mocca. The 2 hour+ shoot ended with a nice sunset and my family and I were very pleased with the effort and planning that made the shoot possible. Ling followed up after the shoot with a preview of the photos taken and took time to explain the various options available for us to showcase our precious moments in print forms.

Overall, I am very pleased with her services and I will not hesitate to recommend Ling to my friends who are keen to keep photographic memories of their loved ones. Her dedication and professionalism deserves commendation.
Thank you Ling, from all of us.”

Tina & her extended family

Jul 2014 17

“Here I am, writing a second testimonial for Ling. As mentioned in my earlier testimonial, I did not hesitate in engaging her service when I decided to have a professional photographer to take photos of Pinkie’s 1st Barkday Party with her pawsome friends. Afterall, who knows Pinkie better than she does!

Days leading up to the event, Ling took time to come to my house to see how she could decorate the place up for Pinkie’s party and even gave me plenty of suggestions on the clothing for Pinkie and where to set up the play area for the dogs, the table and also the cake and pupcakes.

The party was chaotic but yet fun; there were around 20 guests along with 5 of Pinkie’s pawsome dog friends. Ling and her assistance came to my house an hour before the party with the props (she bought and did everything herself) to decorated the place. Though I was busy entertaining the guests, she and her assistance were very patient to know every dog and took plenty of photos of each of them and also in group photos.

I was amazed by the quality and the photos she presented to me after the party. She has once again exceeded my expectations with her service. Words can’t express my gratitude; without her the party would not go as smoothly as I imagined it to be.

For those who are considering in engaging her service, please do not hesitate in contacting her. I assure that you will very be pleased with her photography skills, experience with animals, helpfulness, attention to details and service (before, on and even after the photoshoot).

Thank you, Ling. ”

Lots of love from Tingwei & Pinkie

Jul 2014 10

“This is the first pet photographer I have engaged to have pictures of my Westie (Instagram: piinkie_the_westie) taken at an iconic landmark in Singapore (The Marina Barrage).

Before this, I was researching online and have read testimonials of her previous customers before making a decision. I was glad I made a right choice

During the day of the photo shoot, Ling with her assistance met me at Marina Barrage itself at 7AM as requested by me. Despite my Westie being really uncooperative, Ling was still very patient throughout the whole photo shoot session. The props which she brought matched my Westie really well.

The photo shoot went really well; there were no hiccups at all during the shooting process. My Westie was really comfortable around her and she really knows how to handle animals well. Her professionalism and photography skills were way past my expectations and I, without doubt, would engage her again for future events and would also recommend her to anyone looking for a professional pet photographer.

Thank you very much!”
Lots of love from Tingwei & Pinkie

Apr 2014 20

“Ling was our first experience with a professional photographer and we think she will set the benchmark for others that we might have in future. From the first point of contact, where she suggested our wardrobe for the shoot, to giving us tips on how to prep Kane for the actual shoot showed her wealth of experience in this area. During the shoot, she was also highly professional and creative in suggesting various poses / places for the shoot itself. We were made to feel relaxed and natural as we posed for the shots. The final photos certainly exceeded our expectations as we had a hard time trying to pick and choose which ones we wanted in high res vs normal res. All of them were taken beautifully and the post processing was also very well done and not “over the top”.

If you have a pet I would suggest that you engage her services while s/he is still healthy to capture memories that will last a lifetime!”
Steve & Jess