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C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Sep 2019 29

C.S.Ling Pets Photography : Singapore Special Dogs

“We chose Ling because we were impressed by her portfolio that captured even the subtlest expressions of animals, as well as all the positive reviews we read about her work. We are very happy to say she was indeed just what we were looking for!

On the day of the photoshoot, Ling worked tirelessly from the very first second and not once did she stop. Even when we went for a break to change into our second outfit, she continued working hard in our absence and managed to capture amazing individual shots of my doggos!

She is committed to taking the best shots for us even if this means being stuck squatting on a steep slope (for 10 minutes!!). This was under the hot and sweltering Singapore sun so imagine how exhausting it is!

She also took the initiative to capture a couple more shots for us (humans only), knowing that this is our only pre-wedding photo-shoot. This to us, is going the extra EXTRA mile and shows just how dedicated she is to her clients and in producing the best work.

We would genuinely recommend Ling to anyone who is looking for a photographer who has a professional attitude, would go that extra mile, and maintains a bright sunny smile no matter how challenging the photo-shoot gets!

Also would like to thank your crew who were there during the photo-shoot to help us. A special shout out to Vincent who was incredibly patient with my super energetic doggos.

Thank you so much, Ling. We are sincerely grateful and extremely pleased with the photos. Every photo brings a smile to our faces.”

With much thanks,
Jeremy & Esabel

Jul 2019 2

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“I have been following Ling on Instagram and am always in awe of the photos taken by her as she is so good in capturing that “golden moment” of her subject. This year, i decided to contact Ling for a photoshoot session for Junior as i really wanted to have a keepsake of photo taken together with him. Being a hobbyist photographer myself, i know how challenging it can be to get Junior’s attention to look into the camera lens, so before the session with Ling, i was very worried that Junior may not cooperate with her. However, Ling has proven that my worries and stress were not necessary at all! On the day of the photoshoot, Ling showed so much passion and creativity in capturing different poses of Junior. She was full of patience in waiting for Junior to give her the unexpected expressions and also patiently taught me how to gain Junior’s attention and getting the most natural shots out from him. She even brought along many props to create different themes for us!

I’m truly impressed with her professionalism and will definitely engage her again for a studio photoshoot in the near future! Highly recommend Ling to every pawrents out there who would like to have special memories captured for and with your loved ones!”
– Lynn

Jun 2019 15

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“I approached Ling in desperation when I knew that my pup is dying from late stage of cancer. Gigi (12 year-old Schnauzer) was rushing for surgery in the hope of prolonging her life, I had made an urgent request to Ling if the photography could be conducted within 2 days after I contacted her. She had agreed without any hesitation

Beforehand, I had been following Ling on FB for the numerous amazing photos she had taken for the animals; the facial charm that each animal uniquely owned, the expressive talking eyes, etc that so far to date, she is the only photographer that can record in her shots. This is not my first visit to studio. In fact, I had brought my pets to many studios for photo taking and none impressed me until Ling.

The photos taken for Gigi and Pat Pat did not fail in my expectations. I was very thankful that I could “retain” something real about her before she left the world and ling helped me to accomplish it.
The work of art did not come from an ordinary photographer. It has to come from someone who has a passion in photography, accompanied with the great love in animals. That is Ling.

I definitely would make a comeback to get my other pets to be in Ling’s collection, but the next time when we come, it will be a happy occasion and not with a heavy heart filled with sadness.”

– Jane

May 2019 1

Owners requested to only showcase dog’s photos.

“Before the photo shoot, Ling gave us helpful advice on how we could look our best and how best to prepare our dog so that she would be comfortable and responsive during the session.
Although we are not good posers and our dog is quite camera shy, the photo shoot itself went smoothly with Ling guiding us how to pose, with a variety of cute props and backdrops to create various moods. Ling also succeeded in coaxing our dog to focus on the camera despite her deafness and poor eyesight.
The result was photos that we were very happy with as we including our dog looked natural and relaxed in them. We decided to do this photo session to have beautiful and professionally taken photos of our family and we got what we wanted. We recommend Ling to any pet owner who is interested in a professional photography session for them and their pets.”

Apr 2019 15

Owners requested to only showcase dog’s photos.

“I’ve always wanted to have my dogs’ joie de vivre and essence immortalized on film. It was important to me that the focus of the photography session was my dogs, with my husband and I as props, rather than the other way around. After much research, I engaged Ling for a studio photography session. She was accommodating right from the start, sent very detailed guides on what to wear and exploring various color schemes.

At the photoshoot, Ling managed to capture the subtle nuances of their character and personality on film. She was kind, patient and dogged in her determination in obtaining the perfect shots, in capturing just the right expression on their faces. I’m incredibly pleased with the resulting photographs taken.

In an age where photography has mostly been reduced to images hastily snapped on a smart phone, I would highly recommend having photographs taken by Ling, a professional with an immaculate eye for detail, and yet in the pursuit of perfection never losing her sense of humor or her patience. I would not hesitate to return to Ling for more beautifully taken photos of my pets.”

Jan 2019 8

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“We had an awesome photography session with C.S.Ling! Photos and feels turns out exactly what we wished for, we are very pleased with the photos.
She has been so helpful in giving suggestions on the kind of photos concept we would like to have with Frosty . I think it’s common for us “Pawrent” wanting to get unique pictures, all kinds of concept (be it greenery … Urban feels etc & etc ). Ling being a professional photograper is very patient helping us to slowly filter what are the needs we want. She is really the Wikipedia of Singapore outdoor photography!
Ling is really a great fashion consultant too 😊 from attire to accessories and not forgetting what Frosty is wearing, how should we mix and match our attire to match the atmosphere and feels of the photos. We do have unique request like how we can incorporate little KoKo angel into our family pictures and I would say Ling really give us very valuable advice & we simply love the effect.
Ling is really a perfectionist I would say 😊 she will not give up till she can get the BEST shot out of it. I really appreciate all her efforts, sweats (Sunny, hot and humid weather) and professionalism. Ling can really capture the best moments out of us and most important our furkid ( Frosty ). Would like to extend our thank you to her fellow assistant as well, she has been so energetic keeping Frosty’s attention and making the entire photography a joyful one.
We would definitely recommend her tremendous photography skill and for sure will engage her service again.”

– Love from : Bernice , Thomass , Frosty & ( little KoKo Angel )

May 2018 21

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“This is my fourth edition of annual photo shooting with C.S Ling Pet and Family Photography. Ever since 2015, I brought along different guinea pig friends to join me in the photo shooting and enjoy the exclusive experience that C.S Ling delivered. C.S Ling is more than just a photographer to me, she is a witness of my journey with my lovely boys. I never fail to be amaze by her photos not just because of her passion and professional skills, but also her effort in understanding individual’s (human and pets) characters. Her photos are also full of personality and I am sure anyone would be able to see spot joy that she brought to us in the pictures.

Last year, I have contacted her urgently as one of my beloved boys’ health turn downhill and I would love to have an indoor photo shooting section when he still has the energy to enjoy the shooting. Despite the short notice and her busy schedule, C.S Ling accepted my booking and arranged the nearest shooting date without hesitation. I am thankful to her thoughtfulness; her kindness bought me everlasting meaningful memories and no regrets.

This year, as I have welcome a new family member, I decided to welcome him by creating unforgettable memory at C.S. Ling studio along with my boys’ favorite friends. My friend and I had so much fun at the studio as we got to contribute our thoughts during the shooting. We had seen so many undiscoverd side of our pets, the whole section was filled with laughter and heartwarming moments. I will always come back for a yearly session.” – Amy

Apr 2018 29

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“I had chanced upon Ling’s work for the Purely Adoptions 2018 dog calendar that stood out from the other similar calendars. The photographs in it really caught my eye, as the pups looked so happy, spontaneous, sweet and even a little naughty! Their expressions were oh so beautifully captured. It was then that I decided to do the same for my pups, Raven (samoyed) and Rocher (miniature poodle). I wanted these memories of them at their current peak ages. Ling responded to my e-mails with a warm replies, that showed her careful attention to detail. I appreciate this aspect of her, which I think is why her work stands out among the rest.

On the day of the photoshoot, Ling and her assistants were all well-prepared, and the weather was fine. We had great fun during the session! Ling was very experienced and quick with her camera and she managed to capture ‘those’ shots, even though one of my pups got excited and was not so cooperative in some poses. Ling was very professional, and continued her shots with a scene even though red ants came crawling on her! She took lots and lots of shots, both close-ups and scenic shots, at several locations in Gardens by the Bay. She kept going at each location until she got ‘the’ shots that she wanted. I guess it was to have a wide selection to choose from later on, which is a good thing.

The day finally came when I got the chance to see the fruits of the GBTB session. Her video montage and photos brought out my smiles and laughter! She had captured the happy, spontaneous, sweet and naughty sides of my dogs!

From my most positive experience, I would highly and gladly recommend her services to those who want such beautiful memories of their dogs. I’m already thinking of arranging for another session!

Thank you, Ling!” – Margaret

Nov 2017 20

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“I always wanted to have a family shoot ever since I have Joy. Its been 10 years and I finally made up my mind when I came across Ling’ website. I was impressed by her wildlife photography and her professionalism in doing pets photography as i know it was not easy. I am really glad that i had made the right choice.
The whole experience was a great one from the time that I contacted Ling. Ling was really patient with Joy during the photoshoot and she really show professionalism in taking those pics which are not easy. Her assistant also took great efforts to catch Joy’s attention to look at the camera which was really difficult. Ling was also willing to sacrifice her time during the photoshoot session as it took longer than what is agreed. This really shown her professionalism…Thumbs up!
The pictures turn out to be awesome and I am really happy that Ling managed to capture Joy’s expressions which are what I want. This is an extraordinary and memorable experience that we had and we strongly recommend Ling to all the pawrents or anyone who wants the Number One’s photography! I am looking forward to the next photo session in the studio! 😄

Thank you Ling & your team for the great time!” 👍
Walfred, Vivian & Joy

Jul 2017 1

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It was a sunny morning when we met Ling at the Singapore Botanical Gardens for an outdoor photography session for our toy poodle, Kiki. Kiki is an extremely active, curious and an all over the place dog. Ling was however very patient with this super uncooperative Kiki, giving precise instructions on what is needed and changing plans accordingly to suit the dog’s personality best. Ling is observant and flexible, picking up the dog’s traits and personality fast and capturing shots that portray the dog’s personality, the results of this is we have photographs which we term “ Are SO Kiki!”. We are extremely pleased with the photographs from Ling as she has successfully captured Kiki’s various expressions, many of those we always see but not able to capture with our unprofessional photography skills.

I will definitely recommend Ling to any pet owners who want to have their pet’s unique expressions captured, that unique expressions which only pet owners can recognised.

Jun 2017 1

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Our outdoor photoshoot session with Ling was an extremely enjoyable one. She was very prompt in replying to our e-mails and gave us very useful wardrobe tips prior to the photoshoot.

We requested for the session to be carried out at Gardens by the Bay and Ling did a fantastic job at choosing an ideal location. She also prepared all the props according to our requested theme and we are more than happy with the overall look she has created for us. Ling and her assistant’s friendly disposition definitely played a big part in the success of the photoshoot. She was really creative and thought of ways to make each shot work in a fun and enjoyable way for us and Niko alike.

If the opportunity arises, I would definitely engage Ling’s services again and needless to say I would also recommend her to my friends whom are interested to have animal photography done.

Lastly I would like to thank Ling for capturing these precious moments we share with Niko. The photos turned out perfect for us and we would definitely be back for more in the future.

With Love and Thanks,

Kevin, Linda and Niko

May 2017 10

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‘It was a wonderful and awesome photo shoot session! Ling was so detailed to even ensuring that I wore the appropriate outfit to compliment with my furbabies and the environment/background of the shoot location. She was also very patient with the furkids. Seniors are not easy to handle as they can get pretty stubborn and not that active. Pepper is pretty camera shy and would turn away when she noticed the camera but Ling has captured many beautiful expressions of Pepper! Ling was just enthusiastic to keep taking endless pictures of the gals.

Ling is definitely an awesome photographer. And she ensured that the pawrents had a lot of bonding and moments taken together with our pets. I’m totally impressed with her photography skills and knowledge. She’s very friendly, accommodating and respond quickly to emails. I’m already thinking of an indoor shoot!

I would strongly recommend her to any pawrents who are interested in pet photography. You will never be disappointed! Once again, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures!


Apr 2017 1

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“Ling came highly recommended for a photoshoot with our furkids, and we could see why from the first moment we got in touch with her. Ling is responsive and patient; and took time to discuss and plan with us in advance if there is any theme we want, and helped give inputs on the choice of our outfits for the photoshoot. Ling’s serene energy extends into the actual photoshoot and it is evident when the furkids are calm and relaxed and obliging for the camera, even if it is the first time they are meeting her. And that is why you engage Ling, because there is no pet photography session if you don’t have co-operative pets. But what really left deep impression is also that us humans are as much taken care of during the photoshoot, we were also guided together with our furkids how to relax and pose. Hey, not everyone knows where to place their hands!

And for all of Ling’s services, the price of the photography session and subsequent photos are reasonable. Equally key and important!

We usually like to try different photo studios for our family photoshoot, but for our next one, we are going to return to Ling. 🙂
– Flutterfamily

Jan 2017 1

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“When I decide to bring my pet 大白菜 for professional photo shoot as a memoir for his birthday, I know is a mission impossible as to me, perfection cannot be compromised when it comes to大白菜.

Like many people, I asked around pet lovers and surfed the internet reading feedbacks, comparing prices and of course pray hard as I want only the best.

Finally one day something appeals to me on my Facebook and things start rolling.

I am extremely pleased with my decision for a few reasons.
The photographer, Ling understands my needs and understand my pet on top of her own profession. So the photo shoot goes really smooth with high level of satisfaction without having to pay for a high level of price.

I was thrilled when I received my photos of 大白菜. The excellent positioning of 大白菜 using props selected by the photographer, harmony of the blend of different colors element to achieve the soft and warm feelings together with the skilful use of bubble that gives motion to a still frame……result in all very positive feedbacks when I show some of my friends and family.

I strongly recommend Ling to anyone who wants only the best. 🙂

Dec 2016 17

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Came across Ling’s works some time back and felt that I should do a proper photography for my babies and since Xianghui and I were getting married, we thought we should do a pre-wedding casual photoshoot.

Contacted Ling and prompt reply was given. Preparations that we should have before the photoshoot were attended to attentively. Ling has a lot of patience towards the furkids and us and she is willing to do the shot umpteen times to get a perfect one. We really love the outcome of the photos as we have always been shooting our furkids but never once would be able to be in a perfect shot together with them.

Definitely, I would recommend Ling to be your pet photographer to portray your story that you want.

Should the opportunity arise, we would engage Ling to do a studio shoot this time!

Xianghui & Lena

Nov 2016 17

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I got to know CS Ling photography from poodle club group in Facebook. We have our family photo-shooting (Prince) every year and this year is a special year as we have 2 new editions of Precious and Pepper. From our first email to the actual photo taking, Ling took the time to get to know our personality and our furries preferences. We experienced the blessed moments engaging the boys into the photos. Sending Ling our pictures allows her to visualize what we want from the photo shooting – esp the unconditional LOVE expressed by the furries to us.

We don’t need to go out and rent props as Ling have what we really want at the back of our mind (modern vintage style).
The props, the bubbles, the postures I can only described with one word Awesome! She is also able to capture the mischievous but yet the adorable looks for our furry companions.

Photographing for family members is very different from taking photos together with pets. It takes a lot of experiences to be able to capture the pets expression swiftly. It’s not just “come smile and look at the camera.” Dogs can be restless at times (same goes to my boys). But yet the patience, the bending, laying down, making lots of noise, lots of treats to catch a few secs of their attentions. The price we pay were way beyond reasonable compared to what we had from others in the past.

Our past experiences with other photographers: After photo-shooting, they will give you hundreds of photos to view and pick. From those selected ones, then they will edit for you. However, Ling service was good. She will select the best out of the hundreds pic and she will edit it for you before showing you during photo-viewing. This helps reduce the additional cost of buying the soft copies. Our money is better spent to get canvas or other products than just buying soft copies.

I will definitely recommend to ALL my friends out there especially if they have pets. We will definitely come back to Ling again for more. The next round more tough for you Ling.. we want more of your great shots. “We will start thinking what themes we want from now.” It’s going to be more challenging.

Final Verdict: Services is awesome. Price reasonable. Environment conducive.

Sep 2016 30

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“We really appreciate your personalized service and patience in helping us create great memories of our fur-kid. Your unique handling of the entire process impressed us, right from your prompt response to our call, to spending time with us in preparation of the actual shooting session by getting to know Ruffles and the home surroundings, and finally the professional shoot itself.

The turnout of the photos are outstanding and creative. You bring to life the relationship and sentiments we share with Ruffles and this will be a wonderful memory that we will treasure forever.

Ms Ling, as an award winning wildlife photographer, you certainly bring the best out of our beloved pets and differentiate your photography services from others in the animal lovers’ world.”

Henry & Rina

Apr 2016 30

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“I came across Ling’s website 3 years ago as I was searching for someone who can take good and natural shots for my family. I was deeply impressed with her wildlife photography and of course her pet photography skill. However, I hesitated as I wasn’t sure if she is able to take good photos of children and pet together back then. However, she proved me wrong! This year, I wanted to take another family photos as I had my second baby. I came across her website, once again she impressed me with her photography skills. Without hesitation I contacted her.

She is very friendly, accommodating and very fast in responding. I requested for photos that capture loving and natural shots of my family especial between my three daughters (including my pug). Not only she is good with animals, she is also very patient towards children. Needless to say, the outcome of the photos are fantastic!

I will definitely recommend her to everyone! Thank you once again, Ling!”
– Angela

Jan 2016 21

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“We wanted an outdoor shoot with our beagle, Booboo. After an extensive online search for local pet photographers, we decided on Ling based on her portfolio and forum recommendations.

We were not disappointed. She is extremely detailed, and we were provided with guidance right from the start – a detailed guide of “what to wear”, which as simple as it may sound, it is a very well thought through gesture, because you don’t want to wear your favourite top and blend in with the background or your pet without realising it. We sent her photos of Booboo, and a few outfits we had shortlisted, and she helped us select the most appropriate ones.

She made sure to check the style of photoshoot we wanted, and provided suggestions for locations, as well as checking if the locations were dog-friendly. We were provided with very specific instructions as to where to meet, and what to expect. Given the amount of pre-shoot preparation she put in, everything went smoothly right from the start.

We wanted a vintage-style shoot, and did our shoot at Colbar. On her own initiative, she brought props that were suitable for the style of photoshoot that we requested. Our beagle was not the most cooperative of photoshoot subjects (especially after we ran out of treats), but Ling was very patient, and kept trying. We viewed our photos with Ling yesterday, and we loved them. She captured the many aspects of our beagle’s personality perfectly. We like very much that we have portrait shots of Booboo, family shots, and individual shots with her.

Also, it is great that the eventual physical product (coffee-table album, canvas, or print etc.) is separated from the photography cost. This gives customers the flexibility to select what they actually want as a final product. We selected a 10×10 coffee-table album and 2 large prints.

We have already recommended Ling to our friends with pets, and should the opportunity arise, we would not think twice before approaching her for her services, because we are extremely pleased with every aspect of her work, from pre-shoot, shoot, after-shoot, and the final photography product, which is beautiful. Thank you, Ling.” – Jane

Jan 2016 4

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“A re-visit to C.S.Ling Photography’s studio was like re-visiting my friend’s home. I was certain she calls her studio her 2nd home for she loves being in the studio, where she places her heart and soul into her works, which in turn benefits her clients.

This year, 2015, is the 3rd time I visit the studio since we started our friendship back in 2013. This time, I decided to return again as I felt the need to really capture more quality photos, spend quality time with my Guinea Pigs who I call Gforce, after I lost several of them since 2013. My sick piggy, Marten and Hurshey welcomed a new family member Orbakat (OBK) in Mar 2015. She was picked up from a lobby in my old estate. I decided to give her a forever home with warm hearted Hurshey mummy and Marten Gorgor.

The long awaited photoshoot is finally just one day away! On this day, I with a group of kind hearted friends finally rescued a piggy which was abandoned in the Bishan/Ang Mo Kio Park bush! We had been spending the past week trying to save “him” from the fern city. Traps were modified, multiple food types were placed, one after another hoomen entered the dense bush to hunt or camp in there to wait for “him” but to no avail. On 17-Oct-2015, “he” sneakily took “his” usual path to “his” feeding area. Inquisitive and greedy piggy, “he” decided to run into a old school cupboard set up to trap “him”! Tada! Gotcha! I immediately contacted Ling to ask if I could add another guinea pig into my shoot, the very next day. Very accommodating and sweet Ling, adhered to my last minute request despite it being just a night away for our shoot was the very next morning. As the little piggy had to visit the vet in the morning, Ling also gladly shifted our appointment timing to the afternoon. Ling was just a very very understanding, accommodating and kind lady. She was willing to make adjustments and added new props to allow this new furkid of mine, who I now name Tarzan, in order to give me a complete family photoshoot. No amount of thanks and gratitude could express my thanks to her!

Tarzan, who turned out to be a girl became my 2nd rescue to join the Gforce family. My guinea pigs brought me friends through the years, connecting me with many great people, including Ling. Her eagerness, sincerity, perseverance to want to give her best to her clients is the reason I turn to no one else for returning photoshoots. I sincerely thank her for the kind assistance to meet the needs of me, keeping me always happy with my experience. Thanks for being so meticulous, patient and thoughtful towards my small but fast and furious furkids through the years. Most importantly, I am grateful to Ling for providing me with such pretty and precious pieces of productions to complete my Gforce family!” – Adeline