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C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore

Apr 2013 6

Sweet, little Winnie (12- year-old Shih-Tzu) was originally going for a regular on-location session with Sherwin (3-year-old Toy Poodle) and her family. However, it turned into a Tribute Session as they found out Winnie was really ill with Leukemia one week before the photoshoot. On the morning of the Photo session, we were blessed with a really beautiful blue sky morning at East Coast Park beach. Winnie, Sherwin and the family enjoyed the sun, sand and sea as beautiful treasured memories were captured.

Location: East Coast Park | Main Photographer : C.S. Ling | Associate Photographer: Ethan Lim

Sherwin and Winnie walking with family - Singapore Dogs PhotographySherwin running away from family - Singapore Dogs Photography
Hazel and Wei Siong with their pet - Singapore Dogs Photography
The couple, Wei Siong and Hazel, chose the above photo as the cover for their Photo Album, which will be displayed at their wedding reception : )

An amazing and happy experience

The whole session was special and meaningful, filled with lots of smiles and laughter. There were some sad moments, as there always are, but overall it was an amazing and happy experience. Though Winnie was already really sick and weak then, she was really happy and enjoy the photo shoot ( just look at her sweet smiley face! ). Sherwin is playful and full of energy as he ran about on the grass field!

Sherwin and Winnie Photo Montage - Singapore Dogs Photography
Sherwin running in the grass field at ECP - Singapore Dogs Photography
Tribute : Winnie in her owner's embrace - Singapore Dogs Photography

Client’s Praise:

The shoot came at a timely moment as one of our dog, Winnie (the Shih Tzu) was unexpectedly diagnosed with Leukemia. We decided to go to our fav haunt with the dogs, east coast park. This is where I spent a lot of memories with Winnie especially and Ling was totally cool with it. She even gave constructive suggestion as to which specific area is good for photo shoot. Ling was very professionally during the photo shoot. She made us feel at ease during the shoot and we had a lot of fun with the dogs. Although Winnie was not well, we could see that she was very happy and Ling captured every moment of that. To us, those moments was very precious as it was her last few weeks with us. We are very thankful to Ling as she captured not only the beautiful moments but also Winnie’s smile.

We received the finished product with much satisfaction and people around us who saw the photos were all very impressed! I would definitely recommend C.S.Ling Pets & Family Photography to everyone as I felt that anyone who owned a pet should have a memorabilia of their best friends. It will be even more precious after your best friends leaves you for a better place and what’s not better than to have it taken by a professional like Ling who have the skills and ability to capture those special moments for you. Thank you Ling!