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C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore

Oct 2015 18

What a lovely Saturday morning today! 😀 Breezy, not too hot, and most importantly, the haze is not as hazey! Our photoshot was postponed for weeks, and so when we finally got to play outdoor at ECP today, DouDou and Nana were in high spirit!
Schnauzer Singapore Pet Photography
DouDou is a really sweet and manja schnauzer, kept nudging my elbow to ask for a sayang session during the photo shoot 😄
So glad to capture his happiness today! Makes me smile! 😊💕💕💕

Schnauzer Singapore Special
Preparing photo album for DouDou and Nana!

Jul 2015 5

Boski the Corgi Singapore Dog
“I love this peekture of me! My signature big ears, round eyes, smiley face and cute paws all captured against a beautiful blue sky and green field. Isn’t it peekture pawfect? 😛 My family will be going to C.S.Ling Photography studio later to view all my handsome peektures! Can’t wait!” 😀
Model: Boski ( 10-month-old Corgi )
Singapore Pets & Family Photography

Apr 2015 3

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Photo by: C.S.Ling Photography – Singapore Pet Photography
Model: Velvet (10-yr-old Schnauzer )
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Feb 2015 8

Had a really fun home session yesterday with my two fluffy clients, Snowy and Sandy (3 yr-old Westies) ❤ It’s always loads of smiles and laughters during the photo shoot. But towards the end as the dogs start to nap, my body starts to ache after photographing on the ground for 2 hours+, haha… 😀 Well, no pain, no gain! Enjoy! 😀