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Jun 2015 13

Schnauzer Singapore Dog Photos
Asher is one brave little soul. He has experienced 5 surgeries in his life and had lost his hearing due to a mass tumour which was removed from his right ear. However, when I was interacting with him today during his studio photo shoot, I can see that he understands what his mummy was saying to him which is so sweet. ❤
It was a very successful photo session and before leaving the studio, Asher checked himself out at the mirror grin emoticon I see such a valour knight in him!
Brave Asher will be going for another surgery soon. Let’s send him lots of love, positive energy and strength to get better soon. ❤
Photo by: C.S.Ling Photography Singapore Pet Photography
Model: Asher ( 14-yr old Schnauzer )
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Senior Schnauzer Singapore Pet Photo
He was happy and energetic for most part of the session (even though his mummy warned me prior to the shoot that he may be sleeping throughout due to the heavy medication).