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C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Apr 2013 13

Bong-Bong (Female Shih-Tsu, 11yo) and Chester (Male Schnauzer, 2yo) had a litter of 5 adorable puppies. Sadly, due to complications during labour, Bong-Bong passed away on the operating table after the delivery. Mrs. Chia entered the operating theatre to see 5 pups suckling to the covered-up, motionless body of Bong-Bong, for their 1st and last serving of Mother’s milk and colostrum, vital for their growth.
The vet reminded her that the 5 puppies may not make it through their early growth and advised not name them to minimise any emotional attachment.

Location: Client’s Home | Main Photographer : C.S. Ling | Associate Photographer: Ethan Lim

Schnau-Tzu running - Dog Photography Singapore- C.S.Ling Photography
Schnau-Tzu puppy - Singapore Dog Photographer - C.S.Ling Photography
Schnau-Tzu puppies -Dog Photography in Singapore - C.S.Ling Photography
Schnau-Tzu puppy -Dog Photography in Singapore - C.S.Ling Photography

They were labeled with colored ribbons (yellow, green, purple, blue, pink) and Mrs. Chia has been taking care of them intently. Tending to them every few hours to feed them and also weigh them daily on the cake weighing scale to ensure they are growing healthily. Almost 5 months has passed and the puppies have outgrown the cake weighing scale! They have been ascertained to be healthy and have passed their critical period, all thanks to Mrs. Chia’s dedication and love for them.

Schnau-Tzu puppy - Singapore Dog Photography - C.S.Ling Photography
Cute Schnau-Tzu puppy -Dog Photography in Singapore - C.S.Ling Photography
Schnau-Tzu with treats -Dog Photography in Singapore - C.S.Ling Photography
Schnau-Tzu puppies with family -Dog Photography in Singapore - C.S.Ling Photography

The Chia family wanted to preserve the beautiful memory and journey with the 5 puppies together before they give some of them away to friends and family. I’ve had such a great time photographing the 5 very playful and active puppies, rolling in the mud and being attacked by loads of kisses from them. Can’t wait to see them again when they are all grown up! 😀

Client’s Praise:

Ling was really wonderful to work with. Her experience really shows as she has managed to capture really interesting shots of the dogs as they were just being themselves. Her attention to detail was also impeccable as the final product exceeded our expectations. Her knowledge in wildlife photography really lends itself to capturing vivid, candid pictures of our beloved pets and I won’t hesitate to engage her again.