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C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Aug 2015 15

First up! We have the adorable Rosong! (肉松 in Mandarin means Pork Floss, hehe 😛 )
Poodle Singapore pet photography
I asked his mummy what inspired her to gave him his name. She didn’t want to give him a human name + she loves porridge with pork floss + he looks like a bundle of pork floss as a puppy, thus Rosong was born! 😀
Poodle Singapore dog photography
Poodle Singapore dog photography
3 more lovely poodles to photograph tomorrow morning! What a poodleful weekend! ♥

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Feb 2015 15

Guess which is Snowy and Sandy based on the clues below and the personality that was captured on this photo? 😛
SNOWY: Loves food & peanut butter. Steals coffee. Love snuggling. Afraid of heights. Hates his walk without mummy.
SANDY: Loves food & peanut butter. Is a TV addict. Steals his brother’s food. Loves hunting for lizards. Loves his walks with out without mummy.
Answer : Snowy on the left. Sandy on the right. Did you got that right? 😀

I’m pretty much smiling the whole day as I work on the post-processing for Snowy & Sandy’s home sweet home photo shoot. My jaws feel a bit numb now but just can’t stop smiling. 😛