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C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Oct 2015 18

What a lovely Saturday morning today! 😀 Breezy, not too hot, and most importantly, the haze is not as hazey! Our photoshot was postponed for weeks, and so when we finally got to play outdoor at ECP today, DouDou and Nana were in high spirit!
Schnauzer Singapore Pet Photography
DouDou is a really sweet and manja schnauzer, kept nudging my elbow to ask for a sayang session during the photo shoot 😄
So glad to capture his happiness today! Makes me smile! 😊💕💕💕

Schnauzer Singapore Special
Preparing photo album for DouDou and Nana!

Mar 2014 29

{ Dog-spirational Quotes }
“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Pet Photography Mini Schnauzer Beach

I had a fun time photographing Kane (Mini Schnauzer, 5.5 years) and his owners at the beach at East Coast Park last Sat! I love how they are all looking at one another in this photo, so sweet! It’s was such a beautiful morning and we were the first ones to put our footprints on that stretch of beach. There were many planes flying in to Singapore, I think i counted at least 6. ( the one in the photo is Air Asia )
I’ll be doing a photoshoot with another couple at the beach, with their Golden Retriever at Sentosa this weekend! Totally looking forward!

Apr 2013 18

I love the challenge of photographing big extended families! Kids, grand-kids, fur-kids and young-at-hearts! One big happy family looking into the camera and say “Gabbie”! Well, i wish it was that easy but fret not, I have my secret weapons to get the attention of everyone. Treats, squeakers, me making a furball of myself… They seemed to enjoy the variety of sounds only a pet & family photographer is willing to make. Out loud, in public. 😀

Location: East Coast Park | Main Photographer : C.S. Ling | Associate Photographer: Ethan Lim

Singapore Family Portraits & Pets Photography at East Coast Park - C.S.Ling Photography

Preparation is the key to success!

I always make sure that my clients know exactly what to prepare for the shoot. It’s a team work to make sure all is communicated and everyone feels ready for the shoot. The photoshoot is an important investment of time and money for everyone so our pre-consultation is a must to ensure that the actual shoot goes smoothly! For big shoots like this, it’s important that everyone have their clothing coordinated in order to achieve the best visual results that not only speaks for each of their personalities, but also looks whole as a family unit. I send a clothing style guide for them to choose from. Each sub family group are in their own color zone… Red (younger sister’s family) and blue (older sister’s family). Grandma and grandpa are in purple (red+blue)!

Singapore Family Portraits & Pets Photography at East Coast Park - C.S.Ling Photography
Baby checking out dog - Singapore Pet Photography

It was such a joy to photograph the kids enjoying their playtime with their parents and Gabbie on a relaxing Sunday morning at East Coast Park.

Singapore Family Portraits & Pets Photography at East Coast Park - C.S.Ling Photography
Family Fun at East Coast Park - Singapore Family Portraits
Gabbie the Schnauzer - Singapore Dogs Photography

At the end of the shoot, everyone had their fair share of fun and laughter although it did took toll on Gabbie (9-year-old Schnauzer). Time to head home!