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C.S.Ling is a Professional Pets Photographer in Singapore. Capture the most beautiful moments of joy with your beloved pets & family forever.
C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

THE DECISION - Before booking with us

Q: When is the best time to commission a portrait session with my pet? A: Any occasion celebrating love and joy - When your pet is new to your household; newborn pets; during festive holidays and when your pet gets older and wiser. These are some amazing times to capture the happiness that your pet brings to your family. Don't wait until it's too late. I have heard many stories from people who wished they had not waited until their pet was too sick before precious joyful memories can be professionally captured on photographs for the family to cherish forever.

Q: Do i have to pay the full session fee to secure my booking? A: Yes! Your session fee confirms that you are committed to your booking. Your preferred date and time will be specifically dedicated to you on our calendar. It also includes pre-shoot consultation with C.S.Ling, her time and talent in conceptualizing new ideas & props for your photo session, travel to your preferred location, extensive photo-processing to bring out the best in your images, viewing/ordering session, order preparation and fulfillment and so much more from start till end to give you the boutique experience. My business reputation relies on delivering on my promises. So if you are committed, I'm whole-heartedly committed too! I can't wait to see you and your pet soon! : )

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Before photo session - Preparation is the key to success!

Q: If I'm in the photo session with my pet, what should I prepare? A: For early morning shoots, please ensure that you (and other human participant(s) involved- especially children) have some breakfast before the shoot to ensure that you have the energy to keep up with your pet for up to 2 hours during the photo session! Without energy, you may feel/look tired which woudn't look good on photos! However, do not feed your pet as we will have yummy treats up our sleeves as rewards during the photo session. Do bring your pet's favorite treat as well! : )

Q: Should I get my pet groomed? A: Grooming is a personal decision. You know how your pet will look at his/her best. If you do choose to have your pet groomed, we recommend you have that done a day or two before the Photo session rather than on the same day. A grooming + a photo session on the same day can be a lot of stress for many pets.

Q: Anything else i have to take note? A: For dog owners, we recommend that you walk your dog prior to their photo session to off load any extra energy & put them in a calmer state. Do not feed your dog immediately before their Photo session.

Q: What if I have to reschedule or cancel the session? A: We require a 72-hour notice (3-days) prior to your scheduled photo session. You may reschedule the session to within 6 months of your original session date. If we are informed less than 72-hour notice, a $50 rescheduling fee will be applied for reschedule. If you need to cancel your session totally for any reason(s), all sessions are subject to a 50% non-refundable deposit (from your session fee) to cover for our time and effort spent to prepare for your photoshoot. Please understand that as a professional and a client-oriented boutique business, we dedicate a great amount of time and effort for each client from start to end to provide quality service and experience. With each session that is rescheduled or missed, we lost precious time that we could have promptly dedicated to our potential clients.

During photo session - Let the fun begins!

Q: Do i have to be involve in the photo session? A: Your participation during your pet's photo session is invaluable especially with animals who have little or no training. Every pet is unique in temperament, personality, looks and interests, and in the end that is our goal: to truly capture what makes him/her so special to YOU as it plays and interacts with YOU! Everyone gets involved! It's not called an Experience for nothing :)

Q: How long will my session takes? A: Each shoot is different, and the length of time we spend with you and your pet can vary depending on a number of factors, but you can rest assured that we will NEVER rush through a shoot because we need to be elsewhere. Depending on the session type you choose (studio classic, studio concept, outdoor or home), the stipulated time is usually sufficient but it may take a bit more time depending on your pet's pace & mood. For elderly or terminally ill pet, we try to keep it to within an hour as we do not strain it too much.

During ordering session - Premium Prints & Custom Products

Q: When do I get to see my images and place my orders? I can't wait! : ) A: Once our photo shoot wraps, C.S.Ling will spend about 2 weeks processing your images. This is often the most labor intensive part of the process because we want to make sure every image is picture purrfect. The final result will be revealed at your ordering session : ) Come prepared to make decisions! This is a time where you will want to devote your full attention (ordering session take between 1 and 2 hours). At your ordering session, we will present your images in a gorgeous slideshow, and we help you select the images, groupings, albums, and/or frames suitable for your home and office or gifts for friends and family. We specialize in helping you select the best images and display presentations, and feel this process is a very important service that we proudly offer to our clients.

Q: How much will I be investing for prints / custom products? A: You may invest in prints / products from the À la carte menu or select from various Signature Collections which offer great saving, or a mixture of both À la carte and Signature Collections. There is no minimum investment required. However, most of our clients invest between $400 - $1000 worth of products for keepsake and for home déco. My suggestion is that prior to your ordering session, put some thought into it and have a good idea on where you want to hang your wall art. This will give you an idea of the wall print size you need to fill each space. I have sample products that will help you visualize what size will actually best fill the space. If you need professional design concept and déco on different walls of your home, I do provide wall art consultation. More info >

Q: Can I purchase the high-resolution files and make my own prints? A: You can but we all know what it's like – you get the disc of images, admire them on your computer, upload a couple to facebook, and then they are soon "forgotten". We know our clients are busy professionals / parents. Thus, arranging for prints and framing is one of those things that can easily be put off. We want you to complete your experience with C.S.Ling Photography with beautiful works of art to display in your home, that you don't have bother spending hours doing it yourself! Also, all of our prints and products are produced by professional suppliers accessible only to photographers. I have developed close relationships with my suppliers, taking pride in providing the highest quality products to my clients. Prints from retail labs rarely match this quality, both in terms of durability, vibrance and colour accuracy. It is important for me and the integrity of my business that the entire process, from your session to the final product, reflects the quality of my work. Our framed, canvas, or fine art prints have an archival life of 75 years and come with a life time guarantee.

Q: Why are digital high-resolution files priced as a premium? A: Let's focus on the value, than the price. A disc of hi-res images is a popular option because you can print them at any size you like, put them on canvas, greeting cards, and calendars, etc.. They're valuable to you and they are valuable to me too as the artist that envisioned and created these works of art! They represent not only the time I spend with you taking your photos, but the time spent pre-shoot, editing, processing and perfecting them ready for you. I've also spent years, countless hours & dollars training, practicing and perfecting the techniques that provide you with the end result you love.
We've also found that many clients who purchase the disc of images never get around to printing them, and miss out on enjoying the beautiful work of art created during their session. Ordering prints, albums and other tangible items instead means that you can immediately fill your home with gorgeous images, designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure you'll be loving them for years to come.

Q: When will my finished prints be ready? A: Your finished prints / products will be ready 3 to 5 weeks after full payment has been received for your order. So do plan to book months in advance especially if you require the products in time for the holiday season. Albums usually takes longer for production (5 weeks) compared to stretched canvas, fine art prints, etc (3 weeks).

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