NEWS! C.S. Ling emerged as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of Windland Smith Rice International Awards 2012!
C.S.Ling is a Professional Pets Photographer in Singapore. Capture the most beautiful moments of joy with your beloved pets & family forever.
C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Jun 2019 15

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“I approached Ling in desperation when I knew that my pup is dying from late stage of cancer. Gigi (12 year-old Schnauzer) was rushing for surgery in the hope of prolonging her life, I had made an urgent request to Ling if the photography could be conducted within 2 days after I contacted her. She had agreed without any hesitation

Beforehand, I had been following Ling on FB for the numerous amazing photos she had taken for the animals; the facial charm that each animal uniquely owned, the expressive talking eyes, etc that so far to date, she is the only photographer that can record in her shots. This is not my first visit to studio. In fact, I had brought my pets to many studios for photo taking and none impressed me until Ling.

The photos taken for Gigi and Pat Pat did not fail in my expectations. I was very thankful that I could “retain” something real about her before she left the world and ling helped me to accomplish it.
The work of art did not come from an ordinary photographer. It has to come from someone who has a passion in photography, accompanied with the great love in animals. That is Ling.

I definitely would make a comeback to get my other pets to be in Ling’s collection, but the next time when we come, it will be a happy occasion and not with a heavy heart filled with sadness.”

– Jane

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