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C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
May 2016 1

Singapore Senior Dogs by C.S.Ling

It’s Shadow’s 18th barkday today & we celebrated it at East Coast Park! 😀
The days leading to this shoot has been tough for Shadow as he was suddenly hospitalised due to his failing kidneys. Thankfully, he got better and his vet allowed his mummy to check him out yesterday, to make it for this morning’s photo shoot.
It was a challenging shoot as Shadow can’t see nor hear much, and he got tired and fell asleep a few times. However, Shadow did his very best. I can see it through my viewfinder how hard he tried to lift his head and open his eyes big and round for us, even though he is tired. Shadow, at 18 yrs-old is equivalent to 100 in human years but he still has that handsome boyish charm, and I am really glad I have captured that today. Jia you Shadow! 💟
P.S. Yes that’s the no. 18th rock platform at East Coast Beach! 😉

18-year-old Senior Dogs in Singapore by C.S.Ling

18-year-old Senior Dogs in Singapore by C.S.Ling

UPDATE 15th MAY : Just came back from visiting Shadow (18 yr-old JRT) earlier in the evening at his home for photo-viewing! Very happy to see that Shadow is doing much better now! Isn’t Shadow photogenic and super handsome in this peekture?

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