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C.S.Ling is a Professional Pets Photographer in Singapore. Capture the most beautiful moments of joy with your beloved pets & family forever.
C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Jan 2016 4

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“A re-visit to C.S.Ling Photography’s studio was like re-visiting my friend’s home. I was certain she calls her studio her 2nd home for she loves being in the studio, where she places her heart and soul into her works, which in turn benefits her clients.

This year, 2015, is the 3rd time I visit the studio since we started our friendship back in 2013. This time, I decided to return again as I felt the need to really capture more quality photos, spend quality time with my Guinea Pigs who I call Gforce, after I lost several of them since 2013. My sick piggy, Marten and Hurshey welcomed a new family member Orbakat (OBK) in Mar 2015. She was picked up from a lobby in my old estate. I decided to give her a forever home with warm hearted Hurshey mummy and Marten Gorgor.

The long awaited photoshoot is finally just one day away! On this day, I with a group of kind hearted friends finally rescued a piggy which was abandoned in the Bishan/Ang Mo Kio Park bush! We had been spending the past week trying to save “him” from the fern city. Traps were modified, multiple food types were placed, one after another hoomen entered the dense bush to hunt or camp in there to wait for “him” but to no avail. On 17-Oct-2015, “he” sneakily took “his” usual path to “his” feeding area. Inquisitive and greedy piggy, “he” decided to run into a old school cupboard set up to trap “him”! Tada! Gotcha! I immediately contacted Ling to ask if I could add another guinea pig into my shoot, the very next day. Very accommodating and sweet Ling, adhered to my last minute request despite it being just a night away for our shoot was the very next morning. As the little piggy had to visit the vet in the morning, Ling also gladly shifted our appointment timing to the afternoon. Ling was just a very very understanding, accommodating and kind lady. She was willing to make adjustments and added new props to allow this new furkid of mine, who I now name Tarzan, in order to give me a complete family photoshoot. No amount of thanks and gratitude could express my thanks to her!

Tarzan, who turned out to be a girl became my 2nd rescue to join the Gforce family. My guinea pigs brought me friends through the years, connecting me with many great people, including Ling. Her eagerness, sincerity, perseverance to want to give her best to her clients is the reason I turn to no one else for returning photoshoots. I sincerely thank her for the kind assistance to meet the needs of me, keeping me always happy with my experience. Thanks for being so meticulous, patient and thoughtful towards my small but fast and furious furkids through the years. Most importantly, I am grateful to Ling for providing me with such pretty and precious pieces of productions to complete my Gforce family!” – Adeline

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