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C.S.Ling is a Professional Pets Photographer in Singapore. Capture the most beautiful moments of joy with your beloved pets & family forever.
C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Nov 2015 2

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“My partner and I had always wanted to have a photoshoot for my dog and I went to google for pet photographers in Singapore. Then I came upon C.S.Ling Photography and we knew she will be the one taking the photos for my dog.

However, my Lucki is NOT very friendly towards people who he is not familiar with. He will bark and growl non stop at strangers. It can take WEEKS for Lucki to know someone. So I emailed Ling regarding my concern and she suggested to have a bonding session with Lucki first. So the first time we met Ling, she was indeed very professional and she knew how to approach Lucki. As usual, Lucki was kind of barkish and growling but Ling handled everything really well. She managed to capture good shoots of Lucki without any big problems. At the end of the bonding session, Lucki did not bark and growl as much anymore. So this bonding session actually succeeded!

2nd meeting was the photoshoot itself. Lucki seemed to be 360 degree change. He did not bark and growl anymore. He even ran around the studio with Ling! We couldn’t even believe my eyes that Lucki will do that with someone whom he had just met the 2nd time! The shoot was fun and relaxing. Lucki had fun too! At the end of the shoot, Ling patted Lucki before bidding goodbye(At the point of time, we were a little bit scare as Lucki is not a dog who will allow unfamiliar people to pat him).

When we viewed the photos that Ling took. The first thought in my mind was “Oh my god! All the shoots are amazing!”. The angles, the expressions are just too perfect so we took quite awhile before deciding which photos to choose. Ling also gave advises on which one will be more suitable for the photocrylic printing which I really appreciate a lot.

Ling is definitely an awesome photographer. She shares her professional views and most importantly she has the great patience! We are really thankful to her as we always think that Lucki can never have a photoshoot due to his aggressiveness. But now, we can have good memories to look back at!

When Lucki is abit older, we will want to engage Ling again. We want to have a family photoshoot done! Whoever is thinking of having a photoshoot with ur pet especially those who have aggressive dogs like mine, don’t be worry! Meet up with Ling and I am sure you will never regret it!

Thank you Ling for everything!”

Elaine & JD

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