NEWS! C.S. Ling emerged as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of Windland Smith Rice International Awards 2012!
C.S.Ling is a Professional Pets Photographer in Singapore. Capture the most beautiful moments of joy with your beloved pets & family forever.
C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore C.S.Ling Pets and Family Potraits in Singapore
Sep 2015 5

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“I first chanced upon works by Ling online when she did photo-shoots of lovely animals at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary. As an animal lover, I am instantly attracted to Ling’s works as she is brilliant in capturing moods of her subjects. These photographs seemed to have souls of their own!
Subsequently, I followed C.S. Ling Photography on Facebook closely. As days gone by, I am more assured that Ling is the right person to shoot Yumi, my adopted JRT. Yumi has gone through some hard-knocks in life, and has even survived a lumpectomy surgery at 11 years + of age (despite being anaemic then). Hence, this photo-shoot session is a celebration of her victory.
Like all photographers, Ling is patient and attentive to details. However, what sets Ling apart is her sensitivity to Yumi’s moods and is happy to work around it without compromising on high quality of her works. Yumi wasn’t stressed out before, during and after the session was over. Ling is also humble, approachable, highly creative, and prompt in delivery. To say that I am delighted about outputs of this photo-shoot session by Ling is really an under-statement. Needless to say, C.S. Ling Photography is THE place to go for photography, especially if it involves animal(s).”
Ai Khim

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